Staff Directory

Mr. Henry Meeuwse, Executive Director 795-3111
Mrs. Maria Boltin, Bookkeeper 200-9650
Mrs. Lauryn Bong, Administrative Assistant 795-3111

After School Program/Summer Day Camp

Mrs. Nicole Confarotta, Program Director 795-3137
Ms. Telatha Douglas, Care Giver/Homework 795-3137
Mr. Sean Marino, Care Giver/Homework 795-3137
Ms. Sarah Seabrook, Care Giver/Recreation795-3137
Ms. Frances Smalls, Caregiver/homework 795-3137
Ms. Lindsay Nandrasy, Caregiver/homework 795-3137
Ms. Molly Conway, Caregiver/homework 795-3137
Mr. John Ravenel, Bus Driver 795-3137
Ms. Lindsey Chappell, SDC 795-3137

Child Care Center

Mrs. Louise Conway, Director of Children’s Ministries 795-3137
Ms. Helena Pinckney, Teacher, 2 Year-Old Class 795-3137
Mrs. Kayla Chavis, Teacher, 2/3 Year-Old Class 795-3137
Mrs. Lauryn Bong, 2/3 Year-Old Class 795-3137
Mrs. Nicole Confarotta, 2/3 Year-Old Class 795-3137
Ms. Allison Wilder, Teacher, 2/3 Year-Old Class 795-3137
Mrs. Elma Rose Mendoza, Teacher, 3/4 Year-Old Class 795-3137
Ms. Emmie Williams, Teacher, 4/5 Year-Old Class 795-3137
Mrs. Jennifer Gibson, Teacher, 2 Year-Old Class 795-3137
Mrs. Katie Ard, Teacher, 3 Year-Old Class 795-3137
Mrs. Dot Ellis, Teacher, Substitute Teacher 795-3137
Mr. John Ravenel, Bus Driver 795-3137
Mrs. Kay Tucker, Teacher, Substitute Teacher 795-3137
Mrs. Katie Lafayette, Substitute Teacher 795-3137

Closet Treasures

Mr. Don Almond, Store Manager 762-2272
Mrs. Dot Ellis, Inventory 762-2272
Ms. Susan Forest, Inventory 762-2272
Rev. Daniel Green, Driver 762-2272
Mr. John Ravenel, Clerk 762-2272
Ms. Katie Lafayette, Inventory 762-2272

LowCountry Pastoral Center

Mrs. Tracy Grantham, Clinical Director and Therapist 795-0238
Mr. Jonas Coatsworth, Counselor 795-0238
Ms. Lynn Graves, Therapist 795-0238
Mrs. Debbie Dechene, Therapist 795-0238
Dr. Maureen Porter, Therapist 795-0238
Mr. Owen Wood, Therapist 795-0238
Mr. Les Turner, Therapist 795-0238
Mrs. Cynthia Williams, Therapist 795-0238