Staff Directory


Mr. Henry Meeuwse, Executive Director 843-795-3137
Mrs. Maria Boltin, Bookkeeper 843-200-9650
Mrs. Lauryn Bong, Administrative Assistant 843-795-3137

After School Program/Summer Day Camp

Phone: 843-795-3137

Mrs. Nicole Confarotta, Program Director
Mr. Andrew Tweedy, Care Giver/Recreation
Mr. Sean Marino, Care Giver/Homework
Ms. Elise Deaton, Caregiver/Recreation
Ms. Bailey Tucker, Caregiver/Recreation
Ms. Molly Conway, Caregiver/homework
Mr. John Ravenel, Bus Driver
Ms. Lindsey Chappell, Caregiver/Recreation
Ms. Hannah Richardson, Caregiver/Recreation
Ms. Livie Argraves, Caregiver/Recreation
Ms. Brynn Sion, Caregiver/Recreation

Child Care Center

Phone: 843-795-3137

Ms. Louise Conway, Director of Children’s Services
Ms. Lauryn Bong, Assistant Director of Children’s Services
Ms. Helena Pinckney, Teacher, 2 Year-Old Class
Mrs. Alisa Timmons, Teacher, 2/3 Year-Old Class
Ms. Allison Wilder, Teacher, 2/3 Year-Old Class
Mrs. Elma Rose Mendoza, Teacher, 3/4 Year-Old Class
Ms. Katie Lafayette, Teacher, 4/5 Year-Old Class
Mrs. Jennifer Gibson, Teacher, 2 Year-Old Class
Mrs. Katie Ard, Teacher, 3 Year-Old Class
Mrs. Sydney Lafayette, Teacher Assistant
Mr. John Ravenel, Bus Driver
Mrs. Gabby Thomas, Teacher Assistant

LowCountry Pastoral Center

Phone: 843-795-0238

Mrs. Tracy Grantham, Clinical Director and Therapist
Mr. Jonas Coatsworth, Therapist
Mrs. Lisa VanBergen, Therapist
Mrs. Debbie Dechene, Therapist
Dr. Maureen Porter, Therapist
Mrs. Sarah Kemp, Therapist
Mr. Les Turner, Therapist